La Poel

Coming back from the coast, Karissa and I stopped at the La Poel picnic area on the south side of Lake Crescent. Once home to the La Poel Resort - which included eleven cabins, a store, dining room, tap room, and service station - this lakeside loop is now part of the Olympic National Park and is a perfect place to pull over on your way home from the peninsula.

After finding a place to park Fargo, we walked down to the water to get a better view of both the lake and Mount Storm King. Thanks to the lack of nitrogen in the water (which inhibits the growth of algae), Lake Crescent is exceptionally clear and crystal blue in color. Formed during the last Ice Age, the lake is officially 624 feet deep, but many believe it to be nearly twice that deep.

Mount Storm King.

Tough Tellason.


Glacial Melt.


Waking Up.

Vandow Pane.

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