Jai Lee Noserider

A few of the guys from Deus Bali took a trip north to test the first Deus Jai Lee Noserider. A good lookin log, incredible waves and a great soundtrack. Makes my want to move somewhere tropical, like Bali.


Poler's Two Man Tent

When Justin told me that he had a tent for me to try out this weekend, I just assumed that it was the one that he had been talking about a few weeks ago. It's this fancy thing that you just throw out and it pops together itself and becomes a tent. No poles to deal with or anything. So I picked up the tent and brought it over to my buddy's new house where we were planning on getting really drunk and sleeping in the yard.


One Summer? Day

You can now watch Vimeo videos on your Apple TV, which is very cool, assuming you have an Apple TV of course. Anyhow, since discovering this I have been wading through endless surf videos and have become particularly found of Almond Surfboards Vimeo channel. Almond, a So-Cal surf shop that is shaping some serious logs, shot the above video at Doheny State Beach roughly one year ago.

Makah Days 2011

This weekend the Makah Nation held their 87th annual Makah Days celebration. Fireworks Friday night were followed by war canoe races and a salmon bake on Saturday. Vendors lined the main road through town, and although there was a lot of bullshit for sale, there were a few vendors selling wood carving tools and traditional Makah basketry hats made of spruce root.


Devon Howard x Tyler Hatzikian

Devon Howard riding a custom 9'6" Tyler surfboard at Old Man's. The board was shaped by Tyler Hatzikian in El Segundo, CA. The fin is a 10" Flex Greenough template made of Volan cloth by Larry Allison. Video courtesy of The Wave Journal.


Surfside Sushi

Karissa and I spent another weekend away from the city. Tide was out until 2pm on Saturday, so we had plenty of time to cook breakfast, drink coffee and enjoy the sunshine. Surfed for a few hours. Perfect size for my father's recently repaired 10' log. Wind picked up late in the afternoon and things got ugly.


Manufacturing Stoke

Manufacturing Stoke is "an introspective look into the surfing culture’s struggle to be beneficial unto itself." Highlighting a handful of grassroots shapers who are redefining what a surfer is supposed to ride, this film looks to shed light on the future of surfing and it's impact on the environment.


After reading Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki and feeling convinced that the Polynesian islands had been settled by seagoing South Americans who crossed the Pacific aboard balsa rafts, my father reminded me that the Hōkūle‘a, a full-scale replica of a waʻa kaulua, had sailed from Hawaii to Tahiti in 1976, essentially disproving Heyerdahl's migration theory.

To further prove his point, my father dug out an old VHS tape on which he had recorded a National Geographic special highlighting the Hōkūle‘a and its 1976 voyage. Funded by the Polynesian Voyaging Society and led by Mau Piailug, the 35 day trip was completed using traditional Polynesian navigation techniques, without the use of modern instruments.

Since the 1976 voyage to Tahiti and back, the Hōkūle‘a has completed nine more voyages to destinations in Micronesia, Polynesia, Japan, Canada, and the United States, all using ancient wayfinding techniques of celestial navigation. Her last completed voyage, a five month trip through Micronesia and ports in southern Japan, was completed in 2007.

For additional information on the Hōkūle‘a and the Polynesian Voyaging Society, click here.


Iron & Resin

Motorcycles and surfboards. Everything else is just noise. Been a fan of Deus Ex Machina for quite some time now, but it's good to see a stateside brand with similar style. According to their website Iron & Resin is "a product of “one-off” culture. Where men still build, by their own hands, the craft they ride, be it water or land." My kind of mission statement. No word on what they'll be selling, but based on this short video that Scott Toepfer produced, I'd expect a few custom bikes and boards, in addition to apparel.


Ten Piggies Over

Ten Piggies Over is a So-Cal surf blog run by Alex Swanson, " just a lousy kid trying to make it in the lineup." With inspiring images and short films featuring longboards and even longer rides, TPO is a great mid-morning getaway for those of us forced to ride a desk all week.

Shoulder High Swells

Celebrated Karissa's birthday on the Oregon coast. Drove down Friday after work, camped at the Sea Ranch, drank Blackberry Beauty at Bill's, overindulged at Pizza a'fetta and surfed shoulder high swells at Ecola. And even though Ms.Wood's Stewart was damaged by a kook with a short stick, I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend in Oregon.


The Harrow & The Harvest

Never been a fan of female vocalists, but Gillian Welch does it for me. The Harrow & The Harvest is Welch's first album in eight years, as she and Dave Rawlings were having trouble laying down anything they were proud of. Glad they got their shit together. Think you'll enjoy this song.


Poler Stuff

Poler is a Portland based company who, in my opinion, is redefining the camping category. From sleeping bags and tents, to rucksacks and trucker caps, Poler is producing some interesting gear with a great deal of consideration for both form and function. I am particularly fond of The Man Tent, which seems like a solid solution for those of us looking to travel light and fast, either on foot or by motorcycle.


The Making of Grain Surfboards

Remember Grain Surfboards? Well I just came across this video which highlights the birth of their company, the handmade wooden surfboards they produce and the DIY classes they offer.