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The Coffey Cabin & The Coffee Company

I've been living out of a van for the better part of a year now. You know the one - she's big and white with an overbuilt bed. I left Seattle at the end of February, headed south in search of surf, and so on. What awaited me was, well... you can read about that here. Fast forward a few months, and I was back in Seattle, packing my belongings into the aforementioned cargo carrier, preparing for a return trip to the Golden State. I spent the next few months living in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, working remotely and surfing Malibu more than a few days each week. At the end of June, Kyra's dance school came to completion and we headed north (again) in order to attend the annual Touratech Rally, as well as spend the remainder of the summer in Seattle preparing for our month long motorcycle trip to Mexico.

During our summer in Seattle, a friend of mine reached out regarding a local, independently owned coffee roasting company that was in need of some social media assistance. I jumped at the opportunity - despite my attempts to convince them to allow me to work remotely. A steady source of income and a chance to expand my skills beyond the surfing and motorcycling community was reason enough. So I sat down for an interview with the Marketing Director, Public Relations Coordinator and Digital Media Manager. Things went well, however we were just a few weeks away from our departure to Mexico. "No sweat," they said. "We're not looking to hire anyone until the end of the year." Perfect! A few weeks later, Kyra, my father and I packed our bags, our bikes and our vans and headed south... again.

Throughout the duration of our time in Mexico, and the weeks thereafter that we spent in Southern California, Las Vegas and Arizona, I never received confirmation when I was to start work, or whether I had even been hired! Emails were sent. Feet were dragged. And then, after extensive conversations with the coffee roasters liaison, I got word that I should come back to Washington. "Are you sure? I don't want to leave this sunshine shit for a 'maybe'?" I asked. The answer was affirmative. "Come on up, we want you to start the first Monday of the new year." And so we packed our shit - yet again - and departed the comfort of California for the cold (read: shitty) weather of Washington.

That Monday I walked into my new office and assumed the position. I really can't complain, though. It was a cool company with an eclectic marketing team, willing and able to do things the corporate coffee companies couldn't. Not more than three weeks after I had arrived in their offices, however, I found myself sitting in front of a newly hired, er, acquired General Manager who had spent the better part of two decades working for the Great Green Mermaid. Why did the independent, locally owned coffee company hire this guy you ask? Money! Duh. And so here I sat, the first of many, no, all in the marketing department that would lose their job that day. WTF?! Yea, you're telling me. A swift move with a sharp knife. Gone we were.

Now you're probably wondering what the fuck this has to do with pictures of an apartment... Well, lets just say Kyra and I spent the entirety of my employment with "The Company" looking for, finding, acquiring and furnishing this; a large by comparison, hardwood-floor-having, W/S/G included, French Fucking Doors, walk-my-ass-to-work, studio apartment in Seattle's shittiest neighborhood, Capitol Hill. It was, er, is a beautiful space that we spent a great deal of time getting settled into. Le Fuck. So, that's what this is all about. A rant. An excuse to show you - Hi Karissa ;) - the short lived apartment of my dreams in the worst part of a city that Kyra and I never wanted to return to. Enjoy!

Blue Panel Pig

Chris from POA Films shot this at Sliders Point during our #peelgrimage to Southern California.