Helen Folasade Adu

He takes, but surely she can't give what I'm feeling now
She takes, but surely she doesn't know how



I finally put together a small portfolio of the photo and video work that I do. It's mostly motorcycle travel and motorsports, but there's also some cowboy shit and the occasional hot dog, too. Here's the link.


Prior to the Apocalypse - LA to Detroit in a Prius

A few weeks prior to the apocalypse, four friends and a dog drove a Toyota Prius from Los Angeles to Detroit. They stopped for food, for fuel, for wi-fi, and to find old cards. Along the way they ogled Art Deco architecture in Oklahoma, drank tropical things in the Windy City, smoked cigars in a secret bunker in rural Michigan, and then finally delivered their friend to his wife and their newborn baby somewhere outside of the Motor City. Here are a few of the photos that one of them took along the way. A visual smattering of the United States, just days before a global pandemic.


Hell & Back

What I've been listening to lately...

Thirty Five Millimeter | The Battle of the Alamo

Way down in Old South Texas, you just might find yourself a man...

Scenes from the 'Battle of the Alamo' in San Antonio, TX. Shot with an Olympus Epic Zoom 80.


I just drove a Toyota Prius from LA to Detroit.

Met this lil' lady along the way.

So I sent the photo to my man, Tim...

"Looks like Putin in a dress throwing up gang signs."