The Trials & Tribulations of a Millennial Nomad

It had been raining for days, maybe weeks. We were in Seattle where I grew up, where my father still resides. We were parked in front of his apartment on a narrow street, lined with cars on one side and apartments overlooking Lake Union on the other. Our van, a 2008 Ford Econoline E-150, was sandwiched between an orange VW Beetle and something silver and sedan-like. It was cold. It was wet. It was October. And we had been in the city for far too long.

Living in a van, or out of one in our case, is a romantic idea to many Millennials. Traveling here and there, making a living off the Internet, parking at picturesque campgrounds, overlooking the ocean, or on great swatches of land, where your lady can do yoga and you can brew up a cup of freshly ground coffee on your camp stove. At least that’s what Instagram tells us #vanlife is all about. But I’m here to tell you about the harsh realities of living this nomadic life, when it’s no longer a “journey” and instead just life, lived in a van, maybe down by a river.

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Perpetual Motion

Days have turned to weeks, weeks into months, and eventually months have formed years. We're in 'Perpetual Motion,' and our new series will highlight the people we meet, lessons we learn and the experiences we share along the way. Stay tuned for additional info!

K.O. | 2017 OIFF 'Best Action Short Film'

"Intrepid lovers ride their motorcycles through the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of adventure, but what they find may be more than they can handle."

Last Fall, WESTx1000 joined filmmaker Ron Sacdalan in the woods of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to ride dual-sports, search for Big Foot and make a short sci-fi motorcycle movie. Nearly a year later, the Oregon Independent Film Festival (OIFF) has taken notice and named it ‘Best Action Short Film.’