Know The Nose

Chris Del Moro surfing before the start of this year's Pacifico Noseriding Invitational.

When There Are No Waves

There weren't many waves this weekend. A small swell and some onshore wind. Not the right recipe. It was sorta upsetting, really. I brought my new Bing and was eager to paddle that pig into a few peelers. But it didn't work that way. So while we waited for waves, I cold water washed a pair of pants, watched some whales, and slept on the sand. Follow the link for a few more photos.


Ten Foot Feral Pig

We bought a Bing. Two actually. A ten foot Feral Pig and a nine eight Silver Spoon. They'd been waiting for us at Wave Hounds. A few of the things we'd hoped our wedding fund would allow us to afford. You know, instead of silverware. The pig is a bastard, though. An unwanted wave riding apparatus. No, really. It was ordered for someone else. But he didn't like the big blue fin. It wasn't what he wanted. So when I showed up at the shop, there were two Feral Pigs. A white one with a clear resin fin and a cedar stringer, and this one, a blood red bastard with a balsa stringer and a blue fin. Todd had it listed as 'extra' in his inventory. A board that didn't belong. But when I picked up that pig, felt it's fat, ran my fingers across it's feral face, I knew that big pig bastard belonged to me!


Port Shorts

The sounds aren't my sorta thing, but the surfing sure is. As seen on Adam Davenport's internet site.

Makah Days 2012

The Makah Nation held their 88th annual Makah Days celebration this past weekend. The festivities, which kicked off with fireworks on Friday, included war canoe races and a salmon bake, as well as traditional dancing and an assortment of other activities. Karissa and I rolled into town shortly after the parade had passed through, so the streets were covered in candy - which all the kids were collecting. There weren't any waves and a strong onshore wind, so we decided to take a trip through town.


Over the years, I've bought a lot of backpacks. Everything from back-to-school basics to external frame Boy Scout bags. At the moment, I have a houseful handful. But I use them all the time. When I walk to work. Or ride a motorcycle. During the week they're full of food, gym clothes, laptops and camera lenses. On the weekend, when I plan to spend all day at the ocean, I pack a change of clothes, a couple of cold ones, a camera and whatever my woman wants. I am also of the opinion that more shit should be made in the States. And that you should buy said shit. So when I stumbled upon Topo Designs, a Colorado company making bags and backpacks, I was, as you might expect, rather excited.


A View to a Kill

I don't get dragged down there that often. The opposite end of the ocean. South of where I sometimes surf. It was, however, the first place that I found. And to be honest, I wish I would wander that way more often. Because it's beautiful. Really. Look at it. Like a low lit stage awaiting your arrival. For each wave is it's own show. And you are both the actor and the audience. Performing for free. But you always get a call back. And another audition. Because it's never good enough. So break a leg. Photo from Jesse Lee.



Short bit of film featuring James Parry, an English surfer from Sennen Cove. Seen on Artisans of Slide.


A Wedding & Whatnot

We went and got married this weekend. For real?! For real. Signed and sealed. Four days with friends and family in a far away land. Then back to the big city for some Sunday shenanigans. It worked out well. Sorta surreal. I guess I could go on. I could give you all kinds of info. An extended list of everyone in attendance. What she wore. What was said. But that's all a buncha bullshit. What I will do is thank everyone that was there. Everyone that took the time, that spent the money, that drove all day to see that shit. It means more than you know. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Exotic Aquatic Dances

Tyler Warren logging little waves at the Salinas Longboard Festival. As seen on Stoke Harvester.


One Day

Chad Marshall surfing San Fran. Filmed by Yuji Watanabe. Stolen from Mollusk Surf Shop.


Two Tribes

After endless anticipation, Friday finally rolled around. Eight bikes. Eight boards. An opportunity for these Two Tribes to spend an evening together. To connect dots and incite inspiration. Because it seemed so obvious. That these people, who share a careless consideration for an aesthetic and a desire to not give a damn, could come together. In a city that doesn't see such things. And so it went. One night, with friends and family. For the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. So follow the link for a few photos.


'Gastrologging' is an audiovisual project that "encompasses two pleasure-evoking concepts: gastronomy and logging." Filmed by a few friends in the Basque Country, each episode features a different coastal destination and a new culinary experience. Click here to see all six parts of their project.


Kooks & Squids

We've teamed up with the salty scum from Stoke Harvester and the greasy goons from Twinline Motorcycles to bring you the best of both worlds. What will be a celebration. For those that enjoy both boards and bikes. Because it seems so obvious. To connect these Two Tribes. And to share our concern for Crohn's and Colitis. So climb out of your cave and sneak down to So-Do. Tonight! From six till whenever. Oh, and in case you're concerned, there'll be beer. And whiskey. And raffle prizes.


Lake Atlantic

A little Summer sliding sans wetsuit. Somewhere in the Southeast. Seen on The Sea-Farer


When In Doubt Just Go Out

Sunday morning didn't look so good. Onshore wind and white cap waves. Saturday was something else, though. Small stuff. Seventy something. So much fun. Which is why we waited around, hoping the wind would stop working. Drove the Subbie to the Cedar Shack for a cup of coffee. Ate countless handfuls of granola. At some point someone said it. "I'm gonna go out." You are? Shit, me too. And then it was a race. First one in the water wins a wave. It was kayak country out there. Ugly onshore shit that you can sorta surf. But what could be better than waiting for waves with a few of your favorite friends.

Quechua 2 Seconds Air III

First time we saw one of these tents was at the start of last Summer. Two of them were sitting alongside a real sweet Swedish Surf Wagon. They're called Quechua's (ca-way-choo-wah), and they were occupied by our soon-to-be friends, Sparks and Velez. So what's so special? Well, they're pop-up tents that assemble themselves in just a few seconds. And the 'Air' bit? That refers to the side panels that swing out, allowing a lot of extra air to enter the tent. So after a Summer spent swooning over Sparks and Velez's camping kit, we finally ordered a Quechua of our own and our Friday nights are finally trouble free.

Everywhere I Go

What I've been listening to lately...


Freedom Riders

Our friends at Iron & Resin recently released this motion picture produced by So-Cal's Scott Toepfer. The film highlights both their clothing line and their lifestyle. Logs and Hogs, what could be better.


A Wrecked Rail

What a weekend. Out there on our own. Kinda crowded. The surf was small, but that didn't stop us. Friday we found ourselves waiting for a ferry. Stayed the night in PA and tried to time travel. Arnold Palmer would be proud. Ate bagels for breakfast. Waist high waves afterwards. Fast forward a few hours. I guess Stand Up Paddle man wasn't paying attention. A few strokes forward and then an awkward rotation to his right. "Sorry, I didn't see you surfing." I guess it gives me a reason to go see the Stoke Mender. Sunday the surf stood up a bit. And Karissa caught all the waves. She seems to be benefiting from that big fin ;)

The Fruits of Dystopia

From our friends at Korduroy.TV comes 'The Fruits of Dystopia,' a short film about "having fun in a less than perfect world." Shot and sorted by Cyrus Sutton, the film was inspired by classic dystopian novels, "1984,"A Brave New World" and "Fahrenehit 451." Click here to learn more about the movie.


Want A Wax Buddy?

A few weeks ago we picked up a package from our friends at the Endless Wave in Newport, Rhode Island. Inside were some Peanut Butter Coast branded Wax Buddy's - a molded plastic wax scraping apparatus made from 100% recycled materials. They're perfect, really. A scraper, comb and cupped rail edge all in one. And they won't hurt your hand. So, if you didn't get one with your Stoke Harvester shirt, be sure to stop by the Two Tribes show next Friday and pick one up! Or you can order one.

Camp + Cook

First weekend free from friends. Not that we don't appreciate the camaraderie, but it was nice to take some time to ourselves. Surfed, cooked, camped. Can't complain. Follow the link for a few more photos.

La Côte des Basques

Some Gato Heroi guys l'exploitation minière du stoke at La Côte des Basques in the south of France.