When In Doubt Just Go Out

Sunday morning didn't look so good. Onshore wind and white cap waves. Saturday was something else, though. Small stuff. Seventy something. So much fun. Which is why we waited around, hoping the wind would stop working. Drove the Subbie to the Cedar Shack for a cup of coffee. Ate countless handfuls of granola. At some point someone said it. "I'm gonna go out." You are? Shit, me too. And then it was a race. First one in the water wins a wave. It was kayak country out there. Ugly onshore shit that you can sorta surf. But what could be better than waiting for waves with a few of your favorite friends.


Big Pig.


First one.


Walking on water.

Smokin' Joe Sanchez.


A little bit better.

Which wave?



Mark made the most of my crappy camera. Much appreciated.

Click here for a few more photos.

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