Two Tribes

After endless anticipation, Friday finally rolled around. Eight bikes. Eight boards. An opportunity for these Two Tribes to spend an evening together. To connect dots and incite inspiration. Because it seemed so obvious. That these people, who share a careless consideration for an aesthetic and a desire to not give a damn, could come together. In a city that doesn't see such things. And so it went. One night, with friends and family. For the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. So follow the link for a few photos.


Two Smoke.

The Bird.

The Lineup.

Peanut Butter Crotch.

Stroke Hardener.

Cafe Racer.

Stink Finger.

One Light Stand.


Velzy V.


No Smoking.

Careless Consideration.

Wonderful Women.

We had one hell of a good time. And it couldn't have come together without the help from a few of our friends; Patrick 'Duffy' De Armas, Todd Blubaugh, Jeff Tower, Jeff Abandonato, Todd Fischer, Shawn Paul Jennings, Derek Sparks and Isaac Siegl. Much appreciated people.

Click here for a few more photos.

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