The Living Curl

When I went to pick up a new wetsuit from Wave Hounds, Todd tossed in a copy of The Living Curl. "You'll like this. It's old-school." With footage from the late fifties and early sixties, strung together and nasally narrated by Jamie Budge, this film was one of the first to show what was really going on in the water, at a time when Southern California surf pioneers were quickly becoming salt in a stew. Everyone was there, though. Lance Carson, Miki Dora, Dewey Webber, Johnny Fain, Mark Martinson, Corky Carroll. And there's lots of hot dogging, nose riding and So-Cal surfing sans crowd. So if you have a soft spot for films shot before all the bullshit, when surfing and style held hands and backside bottom turns were big business, pick up a copy of The Living Curl.

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