Seaside Surf Shop

The Seaside Surf Shop sits on the west side of Highway 101 toward the south end of Seaside - a small town on the Oregon coast. It's been in business for nearly a decade and is one of the friendliest shops I've wandered into. Like most surf shops, SSS has a full inventory of surfboards, skateboards, SUPs and other shit. They also have plenty of soft tops and rubber outfits you can rent. This weekend, in Oregon to visit a few friends, Karissa and I stopped by the shop for their annual swap meet. There were old boards out front, wetsuits on sale and plate lunches provided by 'The Cleanup Set,' a group of old guys who clean up the cove. It was a lot of fun. Snapped a few photos of the shop before we headed south in search of surf.

Full up.

Empty Barrels and Ice Cream Headaches.

Poler Stuff!

That Velzy...

XCEL in the corner.

Lots of longboards.


Click here to learn more about the Seaside Surf Shop.

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Velzy. Want. Velzy. Want.

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