Churchkey Can Co.

On her way home from work on Friday, Ms.Wood stopped by Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown and picked up a six-pack of this stuff. Hipster beer brewed by the Churchkey Can Co. It's a 'pilsner style beer' in a flat top can that you need a church key to open. Wait, what the hell is a church key? Well, when your father's father wanted a cold can of Coors, he needed something to open it. Something other than a sharp stick. And then came the can opener, er, church key.

Named after it's likeness to the keys used to keep churches closed, a church key is what your grandfather used to crack a cold one. Okay, so what's with this throwback stuff? Well, according to their website "It’s about the joy of drinking good beer—from the people you drink it with to where you drink it and, now, how you open it." We can dig it. Which is why we snatched a six-pack. So, how'd it taste? Like a pilsner with a bit more bite. Worked well with hot dogs and hamburgers. And was it worth the effort? I'd say so. Something fun for when there weren't any waves. Beer is never bad.

Click here to learn more about the Churchkey Can Co.

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