Korduroy Care Package

A few months ago our friends at Korduroy.TV launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund another year of intersting and informative surf shorts. Not familiar with Kickstarter? Well, the way that it works is you, a conscious consumer, aware of Korduroy's inherent value, pledge a certain amount of money to show your support. Think PBS pledge drive without the call center. In exchange, Korduroy sends you a bit schwag - in this case, a 'Digital Aloha' t-shirt, a copy of Cyrus Sutton's latest film, "Freedom to Foam," a handful of stickers and a package of dried pineapple (which I was eating when I took this photo).

The amount you pledge goes toward their total goal. When that goal is met, they take your money and keep on, keeping on. If their goal isn't met, well, it's back to the blackboard. Lucky for us, enough people pledged and now we've got a cool new shirt, some tasty pineapple pieces and something to watch on Wednesday night! Click here to learn more about Korduroy.TV

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Stoke Harvester said...

Awesome! Ours should be showing up in the mail too! :)

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