Makah Days 2011

This weekend the Makah Nation held their 87th annual Makah Days celebration. Fireworks Friday night were followed by war canoe races and a salmon bake on Saturday. Vendors lined the main road through town, and although there was a lot of bullshit for sale, there were a few vendors selling wood carving tools and traditional Makah basketry hats made of spruce root.

A group of Makah youth kicked things off Saturday afternoon with a traditional welcoming dance. Following their performance, single canoes took to the water for what would be the first of many races.

For lunch, King Salmon were split and filleted over a 15 foot long fire. Plates were only $10 and the salmon was served with corn and a salad. There were also numerous vendors selling Indian fry bread and even a Korean BBQ stand.

Tide was coming in so we headed back to the beach. Surfed for a few hours, built a fire, cooked dinner, drank cider, passed out. Fog rolled in Sunday morning, so we left a bit early than anticipated. Came home with enough time to sort shit out at home. A first.

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