Surfside Sushi

Karissa and I spent another weekend away from the city. Tide was out until 2pm on Saturday, so we had plenty of time to cook breakfast, drink coffee and enjoy the sunshine. Surfed for a few hours. Perfect size for my father's recently repaired 10' log. Wind picked up late in the afternoon and things got ugly.

Following a couple of cold showers, Karissa and I decided to sort out dinner. She started by saut├ęd some tofu and green beans, then put together a "fresh roll salad," followed by a variety of sushi rolls that included avocado, green onion, green beans, cucumber and carrot.

A cold beer, warm jacket and delicious meal. Couldn't have asked for more. Surf was small on Sunday, so we headed out early to scout a few spots along the straights. Stopped to eat lunch at a little known campground before waiting two hours for the ferry. No complaints. Additional images available here.

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