BTS | Baja Norte

Three weeks beyond the border. Into Baja to film the first episode of our new series, Perpetual Motion. Before we crossed, I picked up a new camera (because all my shit was stolen in Seattle). Something small. Something that wouldn't distract. An XE-3, Fuji's latest prosumer class rangefinder with a 23mm f/2 lens. Kyra made me an adjustable paracord strap, and I hung the thing around my neck or over my shoulder the entire time - taking photos whenever and wherever we stopped. Unlike my Canon kit, the Fuji system was nearly unnoticeable. Found myself doing a double-take to make sure it hadn't slipped loose. And while the rangefinder setup was a new steez to me, I quickly learned that people, mostly, found it less obvious, less obtrusive. They smiled as I did behind the body, my face peering out from one side, an eye open, looking through the EVF. It was different. It was better. So, here's an assortment of photographs I took with that little Fuji, each of which came SOC, and remain unadulterated. Testament to it, I suppose. But also a good example of just how much better everything looks in Baja.

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