My friend Todd Blubaugh makes motorcycles. And movies. That's how we met. He'd recently finished a short film, which highlighted a small motorcycle shop here in Seattle, and had traveled to Portland to screen it at The One Motorcycle Show. Honestly, I'm not sure how I heard about it - the movie he'd made. I mean, I've worked in the industry for awhile, so there's a good chance it was through the grapevine. Anyhow. That night, after consuming copious cans of Coors Light, I watched Todd's fifteen minute film, We R Winning. It was excellent. Portrayed the passion perfectly.

After eyeballing a few bikes, I wandered back into the screening room (a white wall in the back of a warehouse) and shot the shit with Todd till way too late. We exchanged emails and went our separate ways. Little did we know, however, that our offices were both in an industrial section of Seattle. And that we'd run into each other often; eating lunch at Lect's Soup Stop, or grabbing that three o'clock cup of coffee at All City. Friends we became.

Fast forward a few months, and Todd and I are sitting outside of the aforementioned coffee shop planning a classic surfboard and custom motorcycle show - what turned into Two Tribes. It was an excellent evening. Although it ended rather unfortunately, with Todd getting tagged by a big ass Benz just blocks from his house. The bike has been rebuilt, however. The soul resurfaced. And a short film featuring Blubaugh and his Harley, done by the dudes at Tellason Denim, has recently been released. It's inspiring, as I anticipated, and will probably make you wanna ride a motorcycle.