Loggin' The Buck - Part Deux

It couldn't have been better. An afternoon of aloha. Friends and fellow loggers. Soulful surfers. You see, surfing can be serious business here in the Pacific Northwest. Damned if you don't stink eye someone! So when I suggested we host an impromptu celebration of big boards, an excuse to share some stoke and show off your stick, I expected some, but not that many people to appear. And boom!

Friends, friends of friends, Facebook friends. I guess I was just excited to see so many logs in the lineup. Everything from old school single fins, to pigs and performance boards. More than twenty people paddled out. An evening session as the sun set. Jazzing the Glass. Loggin' the Buck. Oh, and when he wasn't in the water, Derek Sparks snapped some fantastic photos. Follow the link and have a look.

A handmade Pig, one big Walden, Mark's new single fin and Derek's custom Bing.

Laura taking full advantage of the fantastic weather.

Ms.Wood, Mr.Coffey and Doctor Jake.

Warm wiener.

Skeg on a Pig.

Todd and his new 10' Bing Feral Pig.

My father's 10' Mark Martinson, the Blue Banana and Karissa's Stewart.

Millie and Maggie.

Joe and Justin.

Stoke Harvester.

Tim "I got hit by a semi-truck and lived" Nelson.

Upside down and on her way out.

Shoulda gona righta.

Todd pitching his Pig.

The rights were alright...

Tim and his new necklace.

Rena on a righteous right.

Chris cruising on his 9' Modern.

Karissa couldn't decide which foot to put forward...

Lost her log.

Captain Coffey and his UFO.

Go Joe Sanchez.

Drag racing.

Cute chick.

Photos come courtesy of dSparks Creative.

Click here for additional images.

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bissell said...

i think we saw you all out there on sat evening, it looked like you were having a blast - it was a very beautiful evening, the waves were so great this day

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