Wax Buddy

Made from 100% recycled materials, the Wax Buddy is a $3 wax remover manufactured by the Endless Wave surf shop in Newport, Rhode Island. After "years of experience using everything from credit cards, to kitchen spatulas," they believe they've developed the perfect tool for removing old wax.

The Wax Buddy incorporates a scraper, comb and cupped rail edge. The rounded handle fits perfectly in your hand, preventing unwanted pressure when scrapping off thick sections of old wax. Just yesterday I used my Wax Buddy on a 5'5" quad that has been sitting in my living room collecting dust.

I've used my fair share of wax removers, to include The Pickle, but none have done the job as effortlessly as the Wax Buddy. And for $3, shit, you can't beat that. Click here if you're interested in ordering one.

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