The Pickle

On my way back from the beach I stopped by North by Northwest and picked up The Pickle. "A unique tool used to remove the surf wax from any surfboard," The Pickle is a chemical-free dry wax remover that "cleans any type of surf wax off any type of surfboard." I bought The Pickle in order to remove the wax from my father's 10' Robert August. I've been surfing the board, with brown wax, for more than a few months. That being the case, I dragged the log out of our apartment, down the stairs and into the courtyard, where my girlfriend and I took to scraping off the old wax.

Being that we were in the shade, I think The Pickle was not as effective as it might have otherwise been. It took quite a bit of elbow grease to remove what little wax was leftover from her scraping. That said, it was nice not to use chemicals and The Pickle did leave the log looking rather good.

In the future, I think I'll do my pickling when the sun is out.

For additional info on The Pickle, click here.

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