Jacob Bromwell Vermonter Flask - Part Deux

28 months ago, Kyra gave me a gift. She had our friend Hobo Shane in Ohio carve a likeness of my little dual-sport - taken from a drawing our friend Doug in Denver had done about a year prior - onto a hand forged Jacob Bromwell flask. It was a gift unlike any other I'd received. I filled it with my favorite whiskey and took it with me everywhere. Across the country on motorcycles, twice. Off the coast of Africa. Into the Sierra Mountains where a friend poured hot sauce inside it as a prank. To the Bonneville Salt Flats and Baja, around England and just about everywhere else.

Then one night not too many months ago, someone broke into a friend's car and stole my stuff - camera equipment, clothing, riding gear and, perhaps most unfortunately, my beloved flask. Fuckers. If you're reading this, which I doubt, just know that if I see you sipping from that thing, you'll be removing it from your ass shortly thereafter. Anyhow... Fast forward to my birthday this year and guess what that goddamn woman got me, again? Yea, another flask to replace the one that had been nicked. This time, though, she had Shane carve a likeness of my Indian Scout sitting on the beach in Baja, from a photo I'd taken a few months earlier. Same Lana Turner quote, and same incredible craftsmanship, both from Hobo Shane and the boys and girls at Jacob Bromwell. So if you're in the market for an American made alcohol drinking apparatus, one that'll only get better with age, check out the Vermonter Flask.

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