I'm Pretty Sure You Suck

I've gotta be honest, you and I probably wouldn't get along all that good. It's nothing personal, I just don't get on with that many people, especially all you 'surf enthusiasts.' I don't like the kind of music you like, the kind of car you drive, your dolphin friendly diet, and our political opinions are probably about as far apart as they can be. I like bad rap music, El Camino's and Box Chevy's on big wheels, 12-gauge shotguns, two-stroke dirt bikes, rye whiskey and people that I can get good and fucked up with and not have to worry about what I say. I keep my circle small. And I don't trust anyone. I guess I just figure it was about time I said something. I used to put a lot of music on here that I don't really listen to, videos that I couldn't care less about, and occasionally something perhaps a little too personal - like dribbling on about my divorce, or marijuana induced ramblings about being on the road forever. The reality is, I'm pretty sure you're interests and mine are at opposite ends of the spectrum. And that we probably wouldn't get along if we ever met. Sorry. You can still read this shit, but I think I am going to stop posting the sort of stuff I think you'd like, and instead share the kind of nonsense that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Like this photo of my godbrother Kell and his son Malcolm squattin' hard next to my 95-year-old grandfather's Chevy Avalanche sitting on 22's.

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