California to Key West

After two years of off-road adventuring, we’ve decided to change gears, ditching our small dual-sport bikes for the promise of on-road comfort courtesy of classically styled American V-twin cruisers. They’re the kind of bikes - and audience - we're wholly unfamiliar with, which will make this adventure all the more fun. Because before we set eyes on the new Indians, you’d have been hard pressed to talk either one of us into riding a cruiser of any kind.

Lust at first sight, the latest iteration of the Scout pushes us ask for more out of motorcycling - to take an honest approach to the unknown, and then offer an honest opinion. Why Indian? Because they’ve crafted beautiful American bikes that are modern, unassuming and approachable. And with the help of Motorcyclist Magazine, we are about to embark on the Great American Motorcycle Adventure, riding a Scout and Scout Sixty from California to Key West.

The journey - some 3,000 miles in total - will test our wills, as well as our willingness. We'll shake hands at Indian dealerships along the way, skip the 'must see' destinations scattered across the Southern States, finding our own way from one side of this glorious country to the other, and then we'll drink Papa Dobles and watch the sunset at Sloppy Joe's!

This is a transition from our typical style of motorcycle travel, but this adventure isn’t going to be ordinary - promise. Riding a pair of iconic, American-made motorcycles from Hollywood to Hemingway’s home, looking for good times and even better people, will hopefully open our eyes to the Cruiser Craze. Or perhaps, we’ll be vindicated in our presumptions about these kind of bikes. We’ll see. And then we’ll tell you exactly how it went, #Scouts_Honor!

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vwalker said...

This sounds like it's going to be one amazing ride!

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