Base Camp Brewing's S'more Stout

Since that first foamy sip accosted my upper lip and left me with a stout 'stache, I've been hooked. In one way or another. My veracity for this malty, dark drink grew with age. The lust becoming far more diverse. And yet in all this time, I hadn't actually found a favorite. Porters for a lighter, effervescent, yet firm punch to the mouth. Stouts to quench my thirst for adult-grade chocolate milkshakes and affogatos. To say I've had them all isn't a huge overstatement. I've sampled many. But, sadly, remembered few.

This was my conundrum for many arduous, beer-tasting years - cue 'eye roll.' Then enters Base Camp Brewing. Thanks Portland for taking yet another classic treat (from a campsite perhaps?) and adding alcohol. Like a good amount of it (7.7% ABV). The S'more Stout is a force to be reckoned with. Its noir-ish black chocolate taste and sweet notes float around the mouth like marshmallow angels. A thing of kings! I'm taken beachside as its aftertaste "burns" of campfire ash. And I mean this in the best of ways. No. Better than best.

First taste. That's all I needed, and now I'm hooked. It tastes just like a burnt marshmallow. It's even better WITH a burnt marshmallow (see above), but you'll have to visit the brewery for that. Or buy a blowtorch. The mallow comes out mostly at the end of the sip, almost tart. Be alert and you won't miss it. You don't want to miss it. Base Camp made a beer that is smokey, saccharine, and bitch-slaps your vision sideways... If you let it. It's very polite. It doesn't force you to want more. It allows you to decide that on your own. The brewery details "Aromas of chocolate, coffee, fig, and smoke - rich caramel and dark fruit" in the label. Spot on, I'd say.

Speaking of its thorough label, I should mention the ever clever container: what Justin calls the 'cabottle.' Not all the way 'can.' Not all the way 'bottle.' Just the good shit. The bottle shape provides a bigger capacity (duh) while the aluminium exterior keeps the brew cold, ICE cold, for a hell of a long time. If you don't plan to drink it all at once, just drink sans glass [read: in bottle] to defend from beer's most persistent of enemies, warmth. Plus, zero metallic taste!

The last sip lingered the longest. It resonated chocolate and campfire. Almost like the melted bits of a super chocolaty ice cream, not too milky. In fact, this is best served with a scoop of ice cream! Frankly, so far, this stout's the best. Tasty the whole time, more intense as it slides down into your belly, with an aftertaste that lingers but is not bitter or bad (sits on the back edges of the tongue)... and (!) even Justin loves it.

This Brew Review comes courtesy of Kyra Sacdalan.


vwalker said...

That's an epic presentation!

Unknown said...

Ha, this is awesome! Thanks for the kind words-- we put a lot of work into what we do. It's always gratifying to hear that somebody's into it. Thanks and good on ya for supporting craft beer and the BCBC family.
- joey w bcbc

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