From the Phone - Vol.7

Southern California to Seattle... These last few weeks have been playing at a pace I'm somewhat unfamiliar with. Fast Forward. A few days in the dusty butthole of Eastern Washington, riding motorcycles near Leavenworth, hiking and camping along the coast, laying low on Lummi Island. I finally have time to reflect on what has happened, however. To look through my phone and post a few photos. Because as much as I enjoy shooting with a proper camera, I find myself not looking through a lens, but instead at a screen - Instagram, etc. It's a window into someone's world. A way to see what was important. Not food photos, or drunk nights at a dive bar - one shouldn't give a shit about such things - instead what I offer are images from a life spent living in and out of a van, surfing, camping, cooking and riding my recently acquired motorcycle. So with that said, follow the link for some of the latest photos 'From the Phone.'

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