Andy Wauman

I inadvertently met Andy Wauman one morning at Malibu. He was surfing the inside section on a rather interesting piece of equipment. A stick that was shaped while he was living in Indonesia shooting a short film. I'm not sure how it all happened - Andy and I exchanging our information - all I know is that by the end of that afternoon we were standing on the sand sharing stories and discussing the aformentioned film he'd recently finished for Deus Ex Machina.

Andy was born in Belgium. His artistic life began with painting, however, according to Jack Taylor "his fascination for language steered him towards other mediums of expression." Since escaping Antwerp, Andy has spent the last ten years traveling the world "on a personal artistic exploration." Andy’s solo exhibitions have been displayed in galleries all over the world, including Europe, the United States and Asia. Gutterdust, his alias, is a creative outlet which covers his work in the field of analogue photography, film and sculpture.

Since our initial encounter, Andy and I have become thick as thieves - surfing Malibu in the mornings, eating tacos in the afternoon and shooting photos for an upcoming adventure I intend to embark upon at the end of October. So, before Andy left Los Angeles, I sat down and asked him a couple of questions...

When did you start surfing?

I started surfing not even two years ago in Terrigal Beach, Australia. I've been skateboarding for most of my life, though.

Tell us about your first time...

I stood up for the first time on a wooden Malibu ten-foot longboard. My left arm was packed with bleu bottles. It was a life changing experience. I was super stoked!

How did you get into photography?

I always took shots here and there with my old Polaroid cameras while travelling around for exhibitions and other projects. I went into contemporary art. Did some writing, made paintings, sculptures and created installation. After my latest trip to Bali I started shooting again on a daily base. That’s when I decided to create Gutterdust as a creative outlet for my analogue photography.

What the fuck does Gutterdust mean?

Gutterdust comes out of my writings. I started writing poetry at a very young age. Gutter Dust is the combination of my love for the street and urban culture (GUTTER) and (DUST) refers to the diamond dust.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find my inspiration in daily life. Travelling and reading expands your mind. Social energy. Meeting new people all over the world. I’ve been doing more and more collaborations lately.

Tell us something we don't know...


Other than the ocean, what interests you?

Urban culture. I’m working on a mood board for a new film. A graphic novel is also in motion, which will be shot in New York. It involves real footage and animated drawings. The personages will be acrobats. Le parcours.

What have you been listening to lately?

Milky Chance, War Paint, Alt-J. I’ve been doing lots of research lately to find music to use in upcoming film projects.

You take pretty pictures. What kind of equipment is required?

I mostly shoot on 35mm film. I use about seven different camera, and I shoot with four different Polaroid cameras. There is no magic in digital photography.

If you were going to take us out for tacos, where would we go?

La Cabana in Venice is the real deal. They make the guacamole fresh on the table. It’s epic.

What's next for Andy Wauman?

I’m on Maui right now. Shooting some films and doing lot’s of photography. Doing a little video for Sugarhigh+Lovestoned, and in two weeks I fly to the Big Island to shoot a naked surf film for Stay Wild Magazine.

Also stoked about some upcoming collaborations with Doug Falter, John Hook and Aloha Big Mike.

Click here to learn more about Andy Wauman.

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