A Balanced Diet

For some people, long weekends can be difficult to deal with. Too many days away - a rupture in their routine. Maybe they'll drink brewed coffee in ceramic cups and eat eggs and bacon, as opposed to their usual iced americano and eight-grain roll. They'll take a six minute shower instead of two at twenty. Or spend a few hours in the ocean in replace of an evening at the gym; watching other peoples athletic achievements on an overhead screen while music plays in their ears. Or maybe they'll find themselves surrounded by friends and familiar faces instead of ordering takeout Thai food on a Friday night. And maybe they'll drink bourbon and beer instead of diet soda. Most people enjoy the juxtaposition. Others find the uncertainty a little unsettling. But if you're like me, you'll indulge in this new routine, or rather the lack thereof. You'll make last minute decisions, stay out an extra hour, eat a late lunch, drink three cups of coffee or surf until your fingers are frozen and your shoulders are sore. Because when Monday comes knockin, when your weekday routine returns, you'll regret not enjoying all those out of place activities. Guaranteed.

Nineteen Sixty.

Lift Off.


White Walls.

Reel to Reel.


Double Arm Swang.



Slow Roll.

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Photos by Bricky.