L.L. Bean's Norwegian Crewneck

Some people wear sweaters. Wool ones. Warm ones. With a crewneck or some kind of shall collar, and big brown football buttons. I'm one of these people. Always have been. Look through the photos from my childhood and you'll see Cable-Knit and Ugly Christmas all over the place. Cardigans I could never get into, though. Maybe when I'm old(er) and don't care if it makes me feel like Fred Rogers. Or when all the skinny hipster shits stop wearing them. Anyhow, about this here sweater. I've always wanted one. My mother's fourth husband had one and I was always rather envious of it. Knit in Norway using 100% worsted wool yarn, this sweater features a traditional Scandinavian bird's eye pattern that will likely evoke a yearning for yesteryear. The crewneck is comfortable and will keep the cold air out, however the overall length is a little on the short side, as far as I'm concerned. Warm is an understatement, though. Two nights after I acquired it, I spent six hours beside a cold campfire wearing nothing more than the sweater, pants and a pair of slippers. I've worn it every weekend since. Now, they're not cheap ($139), but you get what you pay for. Click here to learn more about L.L. Bean's Norwegian Crewneck.