Eddie Bauer's Cloud Layer Pro Fleece

My mother used to buy me a new fleece every winter when I was a kid. Outgrowing the one she'd purchased the year prior, I could always count on finding a new fleece wrapped and waiting beneath our Christmas tree. They varied by brand, color, fit and finish. I remember a certain brand-name being emblazoned across the front of one fleece - a feature of utmost importance at the time, as I would have almost certainly been a social outcast had I worn one without a logo. As time marched on however, the frequency of the Christmas fleece went from once a year to every so often. I was done growing, and to be perfectly honest, fleece wasn't what the kids were wearing anymore. But now, fifteen years in the future, a fuzzy fleece is just the thing I need to keep me warm in the winter.

Enter Eddie Bauer's Cloud Layer Pro Fleece. Made with Polartec's 5.5oz micro velour fleece, the Cloud Layer is designed to be both warm and lightweight, allowing you to layer if necessary. The 100% polyester velour construction used in Eddie Bauer's fleece creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, while also drying quickly and resisting pilling (funny little fleece balls). The Cloud Layer Pro Fleece is available as either a 1/4-zip pullover or a full-zip jacket, and comes in both men's and women's shapes and sizes.

While not in keeping with the Christmas tradition my mother established in the 1990's, Karissa and I were stoked to find out Eddie Bauer would be sending us a pair of their Pro Fleeces to use, abuse and review. Karissa ordered the full-zip jacket ($79.95), while I opted for the 1/4-zip pullover ($59.95), however we both decided on a dark shade of grey with bright colored highlights along each of the zippers. After pulling them outta their packages, the first thing I noticed was how warm these goddamn things are! It's been a long time since I've owned a fleece, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are no longer big and bulky, but are, however, as warm, if not warmer, than I remember.

The men's Cloud Layer Pro Fleece features a welded chest pocket, perfect for keeping small stuff easily accessible, while the women's version has a similar pocket attached to the sleeve.The fit is true to size (I wear a small in just about everything), although some might say it's a little too tight. But that's the idea. The Cloud Layer Pro Fleece fits perfectly beneath a down jacket, or something similar, adding a layer of warmth you can't get with cotton.The finish is fantastic. Featuring nylon zipper pulls and a garage at the top of the collar, which work like a small storm flap, preventing rain and cold air from coming inside, Eddie Bauer's Cloud Layer Pro Fleece is an excellent idea for anyone looking to stay warm this winter.

Photos courtesy of Karissa_Would.

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