The Joey Chair

Camp chairs come and go. Maybe you got one as a gift, or grabbed one at the General Store on your way outta town one weekend. Or perhaps someone forgot theirs at the beach and it ended up in the trunk of your car? Whatever way you come across one (or four), a comfortable chair is an essential for anyone that spends a lot of time surfing and camping on the coast. So when our friends at Travel Chair sent us their latest offering, a small, light, four-legged seat sack they're calling the Joey, I was stoked to see how much better - or worse - it would be than the Teddy chairs they sent us last summer.

The Joey features a lightweight aluminum frame that connects courtesy of a shock cord system.

The Joey sits a bit lower than your average camp chair, providing a rather relaxed, laid back position.

Four small feet will keep your seat secure, while closed cell fabric will withstand 300 lbs of pressure.

Each corner features a small fabric cup where the drawn aluminum tubing slides inside.

The arms and legs fit inside these black plastic intersections.

Custom camp chairs!

Fully assembled.

So no one steals it :)

Disassembled and stored inside its sack, the Joey is no bigger than a Baja Burrito.

- Lightweight
- Packs small
- Affordable ($69.99)
- Comfortable (slouchy style)

- Not easy to assemble (compared to a traditional camp chair)
- No place to put your pint (it's armless)
- Can feel off-kilter (I tipped over twice)

For the price and pack-ability, there's really no better camp chair on the market. Car campers can appreciate the small amount of space required to carry three or four (comfortable) chairs to the coast, while backpackers and hikers alike will no longer need to sit on the sand or those tippy tri-pods.

Click here to pick up your own Joey.