Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seattle sucks sometimes. Particularly from the end of October through, oh, say the end of June. Which leaves just three months of not-so-sucky Seattle. It's not all bad, though, the foul weather does encourage us to escape, spending two or three days a week out west. But it's still cold and wet and windy. And come December you're all but exhausted; tired of wearing wool and rubber boots and raincoats, and no matter what you do, everything you own will get wet. And then the surf can suck. Sitting in your car, waiting for waves. It's tough. Which is why we've decided to spend December somewhere down south.

It would've been the same place we went last winter, but ol' Uncle Sam wasn't having it. Long story. So, with only a few more months before Seasonal Affective Disorder does serious damage, we've been scrambling to sort out where we wanna surf. Everything is expensive that time of year, though. Everyone trying to escape their fucked up families, cancelling Christmas, and celebrating the start of a new year somewhere other than at home, on the couch, with the television turned on. Understandable. But also unfortunate. Because it drives the price of everything up. Anyhow. My father invited us to Oahu. He'll be there for the better part of three weeks, and has room for a few more people. But we wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been before, somewhere without so many white people ;) And so last night, after many messages and endless emails, we finally decided where we're gonna go: Costa Rica.