For Fall

Fall is right in front of us, and honestly I'm looking forward to it. Cold mornings mean warm cups of coffee, and early evenings are an excuse to light a log in our mid-century Malm fireplace. Maybe we'll watch more movies, and there will certainly be more soup consumed. But I'm alright with that. We'll dress in dark denim, rubber boots and an assortment of sweaters. We'll sip on strong drinks around small campfires. Because you find real friends in the fall. When the summer surfers stay in the city and you start seeing the same six people every weekend. The damned and the dedicated. Swell direction and tidal pushes of the utmost importance. And while fall will eventually turn to winter, it is an incredible time of year. One filled with friends and food and plenty of time spent waiting for waves. Follow the link to see a few of my favorite things this fall.

Few Things For Fall:

- Cooper Designs Malibu Foil

- Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair

- Filson Tin Cloth Jac-Shirt

- Shinola Runwell Watch

- Remington 870 Express

- Topo Designs Cinch Tote

- L.L. Bean Boots

- Patagonia R5 Lobster Mits

- Tellason 16.5oz John Graham Mellor Jeans

- J.K. Scrumpy's Hard Cider

- Patagonia Bivy Down Vest

- Ebbets Field Flannels San Francisco Seals Baseball Hat

- Almond 10" Huck Fin

- Ka-Bar USMC Combat Knife

- F.K. Kirsten Mariner Pipe

- The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection

- Patagonia Hooded R4 Wetsuit

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