We're All About Activities

We wandered into the woods this weekend. Because you can only spend so much time sitting around a campfire - consuming cold beer and cornbread, discussing who you'd like to have a drink with, dead or alive. Sometimes you need other activities to occupy your time. And there's all sorts of shit to do as soon as you escape Seattle. So with wind from the west and a rather small swell, we decided to do something a little different. There were worn out ropes and wooden ladders and muddy roads and secret surf shacks and hammocks high above the beach. When we got back in the afternoon, we built a big fire and talked about bikes. And we drank bourbon and ginger beer, and ate an entire package of Double Stuf Oreo's. We did, however, surf for a few hours each evening, when the wind (finally) died down. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our independence - albeit on an Indian reservation. And while I won't say where we went, I can tell you that what we have in this area is unlike anywhere else.

Bing Bing Bing.


Red Hat Repelling.

Buncha Berries.

Cross Step Creek.

No Camping!


Rock Walk.


The Moto Lady.

Steep Stuff.

Log Jam.

Climbing Captain.

Cocktail Kitchen.

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