Mini Bikes & Moto Ladies

We spent last week in Eastern Washington. Five days riding dusty dirt bikes, drinking (way too much) whiskey and eating awesome food. We were parked in Plain, a tiny town some twenty minutes outside of Leavenworth. There's a general store, gas station, small cafe and one or two other buildings. Not a whole lot. So, why the fuck were we all the way out there? Well, the motorcycle shop I work for hosts an off-road rally each year - an opportunity to ride and camp with customers. Karissa and Angel were hired to cook food for all us kids, while I was tasked with chasing old dudes up and down the mountain.

Oh, and I invited Miss Moto Lady, also known as Alicia, and her good friend Chris to attend the rally this year. And while she's an accomplished rider of roads, this was Alicia's first time riding big bikes on single track. She did a damn good job, or so I'm told. I'm sure we'll be able to read all about it on her blog. Her friend Chris on the other hand, was quite comfortable on his KTM ;)

We were without running water for five days, however, and forced to "shower" with wet rags and a bottle of Dr.Bronner's. We did find our way down to the river, though. A short ride out of camp and across an old bridge, a bit of a hike through the bushes and BOOM, water we could wade into up to our armpits. And albeit cold, the few hours we spent playing in the river made everything a little bit better. The girls may have caused a commotion, riding their mini-bikes through camp wearing bikinis and dirt bike boots. My type of trouble. All in all it was one hell of a good time. Follow the link for a few more photos.


Background Boogie.

Dark Side.

Slow and Steady.

Cold Balls.


Clearly Inappropriate.

Brain Freeze.

Dirt Slippers.

Booty Shot.

The Lineup.


Not Impressed.

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