Marinating at Ma Kai

What started as an excuse to ride our newly acquired cruisers along Alki, has turned into a full blown Taco Tuesday tradition - and yet, no one actually eats tacos! It goes a little something like this... Our friend Steve, once an assistant principal and now a fun-employed author awaiting his Peace Corps assignment, wanders over to our apartment sometime around seven. He skates, we pedal. It's two miles to the taco shop, what is the brick and mortar iteration of an extraordinarily popular food truck named Marination Mobile. And when I say taco shop, what I really mean is some sort of Hawaiian-Korean-Mexican fusion food.

Tacos come in four flavors: Miso Ginger Chicken, Kalbi Beef, Spicy Pork or Tofu, each topped with a handful of coleslaw, jalapenos and some kind of secret sauce. Kimchi friend rice, Hawaiian sweet bread sliders, taco salad, quesadillas and SPAM Musubi area also on the menu.

As an accomplished asshole, I usually order an overly complicated creation which includes extra meat, jalapenos and sauce on the side. As well as a simple salad, which is dressed with a sweet vinaigrette and topped with crushed macadamia nuts. There's ample seating inside, as well as a full blown bar (their sangria goes well with everything). There's also an outdoor patio. Located within walking distance of the Water Taxi, Marination Ma Kai is an excellent option for anyone interested in escaping the dark and grey of downtown.

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