Topo Designs Hip Pack

When Topo Designs unveiled their Hip Pack, I got all sorts of excited. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional fanny pack, but this thing was different. I saw photos of people wandering the world with the bag slung over their shoulder, and I imagined what my life might be like if I had one as well. I began to think of all the things this bag could do... hold my jacket so I didn’t have to, secure my belongings when I run out the door; rushing off to my next adventure. I was tired of losing my cell phone, keys or my favorite chapstick when I tossed my other bags on the floor of the van and this seemed like the solution.

Honestly I think my husband was tired of me making a mess, because when I sent him a link to Topo's teal and red Hip Pack, he immediately ordered me one! As soon as it arrived, I tested it’s ability to carry some of my stuff, the essentials first... my makeup bag, glasses, sunglasses, money clip, cell phone, keys, Moleskin, chapstick, Opinel picnic knife... and there was still room! So I added the book I’ve been trying to read, our waterproof camera, my extra pair of earrings (a girl can never have too many!), my flask (bourbon please!), and guess what? There was still room for more sutff! This bag is awesome!

I bring it to work and with me on the weekends, and have fallen in love with both its looks and utility. Hell, I've even started wearing it on my hip, not just slung over my shoulder! So if you’re looking for a bag that can carry all sorts of stuff, that is rough and tumble yet stylish and cute, pick up a Hip Pack!

Here's what Karissa_Would carry in her Hip Pack.

- Topo Designs Hip Pack

- Topo Designs Accessory Bag

- Ruger LCP

- Canon Powershot D20

- The Fear Project

- Rainbow Sandals Keychain

- Opinel No.8 Carbon Pocket Knife

- Stainless Steel Flask

- Moleskin Pocket Weekly Planner

- Sharpie Fine Point Pen

- Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm

- Oakley Obsessed Sunglasses

- Oakley Downshift Glasses

- Forest Life Creations Monkey Puzzle Earrings

- Peanut Butter Button

- Samsung Galaxy S3

- Cash Money

About the Author:

Karissa Coffey is the oldest of five. She grew up on a boat in the South Pacific, started surfing when she was sixteen and learned to cook at Le Cordon Bleu. She spent six years at Starbucks and two years at Tom Douglas before taking a job at Boeing. When she isn't driving around in Fargo the Cargo Van or surfing her Silver Spoon, Karissa can be found cooking over a campfire, riding dirty dirt bikes or drinking dark brown bourbon from her flask. Click here to see what else Karissa_Would do.

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