Sunny Side Up

It's hard to give up what you know to be good. Unwilling to explore at times. Stick to whatcha know and all that. But I'll be goddamned if the grass wasn't greener. Like some kind of well groomed football field. All good and glassy. It was Andy's idea, honestly. Inspired by a week long trip to the Midwest, he was eager for other opportunities - somewhere new to surf. And while I won't tell you where we were, I will tell you that the waves were wonderful, the wind absent and the company couldn't have been better. Karissa tried to capture some of our slides, but I fucked up the camera settings, washing out everything but a few of the photos. Oh well. Here's what we have. More maƱana.

Bush Whack.



Tip Top.


Karissa_Would take all these images.

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