Dewey Weber Surfboards

Dewey Weber has been in the surfboard business since 1960. A brand founded by its namesake, Dewey Weber Surfboards is currently located in San Clemente, California and is still family owned, with the day-to-day operations being run by Dewey's son, Shea. We stumbled into the shop on Friday afternoon on our way back to LA. Old school is how I would immediately describe the store. A menagerie of memorabilia from decades of surf contests and such cover the walls when you walk in. Old, single fin logs hang above your head, and there's two floral print bamboo couches in the middle of an adjacent room surrounded by surfboards. Shea was standing behind the counter wearing that classic California kit; bright red board shorts and a black t-shirt.

Like the Little Man on Wheels, Shea is a man of similar size. Stout, but shorter. Strong in the shoulders. His smile was wide and he greeted us with what seemed like endless enthusiasm. Albeit small, the shop is chock full of character. Trophies and framed photos of famous Weber Competition Team members sit on shelves above shirts and sweaters for sale. We talked about boards, namely the infamous Weber Performer, a surfboard that hasn't changed since the sixties. The colors are what'll really catch your eye. Green and red and yellow, with the famous Dewey Weber logo sitting front and center. Beautiful boards and an awesome shop. So if you're in San Clemente, be sure to stop by and see their shop. Follow the link for a few more photos.

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