Laugh Out Loud

Three day weekends are the worst. You're completely unprepared for the sore shoulders, the excessive alcohol consumption, the four nights you'll spend around a campfire - hot dogs for dinner - and the crowd of kids that go surfing once or twice a summer. But you make the most of it. Especially when the weather is so wonderful; a little rain, some sun, offshore wind and t-shirt temperatures. Memorial Day is always a shit show, no matter where you decide to surf. Everyone and their brother is out there - wherever. And that's alright. You just need to prepare yourself for what'll happen that weekend. No need to get upset. Because a crowd here is an empty lineup elsewhere. It's all relative in the end. And like last year, we surfed for five or six hours every day, spent quality time with friends and family, ate food cooked over a fire and dodged dawn patrol in favor of coffee, strawberry scones and a few extra hours of sleep. Oh, and the waves, they were wonderful. Follow the link for a few more photos.

Background Check.

Chop Chop.

SeƱor Sparks.

Pig Fucker.


Outta Focus Andy.

Jazzing the Glass.

Scavenger Hunt.



Smokey Steve.


Across the Line.

Damn Derek!

Captain's Cap.

Good and Glassy.

Spot and Lilly.




Photos come courtesy of Karissa_Would, Mark Velez, Lilly and Angel Dupree.

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