Carapace Custom-Fit Wetsuits

Custom-fit wetsuits can be expensive. Just ask my old man. He had one made for me when I was three years old. It was bright red with black sleeves and had a Killer Whale (orca for all you politically correct assholes out there) across the chest. That was the only one, though. He bought my next few suits off the rack. They fit alright - a little long, or two wide on top. I've owned quite a few suits since that custom made Killer Whale one. Mostly size medium, which fits just fine, but they're sure as hell not custom cut. There's plenty of room for improvement. So when I stumbled across Carapace (pronounced "care-uh-pace"), a custom-fit wetsuit company based somewhere in Southern California, I was admittedly excited.

Carapace is planning to crowd fund their project courtesy of Kickstarter, providing those that pledge with an assortment of incentives, including t-shirts and sweatshirts, wetsuits and surfboards. Made from limestone based, Yamamoto neoprene, their suits feature pre-bent knees, form retaining wrist seals, an external key pocket and magnetic zipper stops. They are developing two different suits at this time, the EXO1 and EXO2, both of which will be available in 3/2mm and 4/3mm thicknesses. And the best part is that a $350 donation will score you a new custom-fit suit! Click here to learn more about the company.