Stripes & Strawberries

I just bought a BN Lightweight. Matt Calvani describes it as "an overall lighter, more versatile traditional log with all the noseriding functionality minus the weight." It measures nine feet eight inches long and features a single bass stringer, lighter glassing than their Original Noserider and has a single fin box. Sounds good. But why did I buy this board? Honestly, it all started when I borrowed Matt's BN Lightweight when we were in Mexico a few months ago. It was everything I wanted in the water - fast along the face, trimmed well from the tip and turned like a traditional log. It was wonderful. I surfed everything from four foot peelers to eight foot A-frames. I couldn't help but want one! And I felt like it would be the perfect companion for my Feral Pig.

One evening, after two or three tacos and more than one Modelo, I sat down and drew a surfboard in my Moleskin. I'd brought a jail-striped shirt with me to Mexico, as well as a pair of strawberry red surf trunks. The combination made it easy to see myself in photos and film - pretentious asshole I am. Anyhow, it's what inspired the aesthetic, so when we returned to the States I sent my sketch to Matt's wife, Margaret. She called me a couple days later, asking all kinds of questions. After we'd settled on the number of stripes, the type of tint and how long I wanted my board to be, she emailed me an invoice. Done deal. Fast forward a few months and Margaret emailed me again, this time telling me that my board had been built. A photo followed. I could hardly contain my excitement. It's everything I expected it to be. We're going to So-Cal real soon, and I'll be bringing the board back with me. Until then, follow the link if you'd like to see my new stick.

Click here to learn more about Bing's BN Lightweight.