Spring Fling

I think spring is a good time to get some new shit. Now I'm not talking about all that pastel colored, warm and fuzzy, let's pretend it's already summer stuff. I'm interested in things that'll help me stay stoked. Like a brand new surfboard, or a denim jacket that I can wear for a decade. Or howsabout a wool blanket - something that'll keep me warm on those cold April evenings. Or a proper pipe. You know, for shmokin. Anyhow. I went through my #wishlist and came up with a few things I thought everyone would be interested in. Follow the link for my list.

Spring Fling:

- Bing Silver Spoon

- Patagonia Front-Zip R3 Wetsuit

- Tellason Coverall Jacket

- Topo Designs Hip Pack

- Mikey DeTemple MD3 Fin

- Shwood Cherry Canaby Sunglasses

- Stella 29" Beer Runner

- See See Motor Coffee Co. T-Shirt

- Topo Designs Camp Blanket

- Kirsten Horizon Pipe

- Sight|Sound

- Basil Hayden

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