Gucci Gloves

Here in the Pacific Northwest, a good set of gloves is essential to your survival. With water temperatures barely above fifty degrees farenheit, keeping your fingers from freezing is an important part of surfing successfully. I've tried all types, everything from 5mm five-fingers to 7mm lobster claws with a spot to wipe your snot. But it wasn't until I picked up these Patagonia R5 gloves that I found something which was both warm and and easy to wear.

I suppose they're a little snug, but they won't stop the red stuff from finding your fingers. Made from 7mm neoprene and lined with merino wool, the Gucci gloves feel like they're half as thick and twice as warm as anything else I've worn.

A lot like my old lobster claws - three plus one and a thumb - Patagonia's R5 gloves will make you look like Oswald Cobblepot. But I'll be damned if my digits don't stay warm in the winter!

Yes, they are expensive ($64.95), but like most everything, you get what you pay for. Because a good pair of gloves won't just keep you warm, they'll let you surf till sunset. So if you're in the market for a proper pair, click here and pick up some Patagucci gloves.

This review originally appeared on Stoke Harvester's blog.