Surf Wagon: Captain Coffey's Econoline

My old man has three vans. THREE. Two of them are four-wheel drive cargo vans, and the other one is a full blown camper conversion. He has a 1977 E-250(?) Pathfinder with a hard sided pop-top roof, a fold down bed in the back and a small kitchenette. He also has a four-wheel drive 1979 E-350 cargo van, what I believe to be a Quadravan conversion. The third van is what you're looking at here - an extended length 1996 E-250 with a Quigley 4x4 conversion.

It is powered by a 351 cubic inch V8 and has barn doors on both the back and the side. It's empty, like a cargo van, but has a headliner. Now, you're probably wondering why the fuck he owns all three. Well, like anything exciting, all it took was the one. The aforementioned Econoline with the hard sided pop-top. It was cheap and exactly what he wanted; a van he could camp in, carry surfcraft and fix himself if he had to. But it wasn't bad ass enough. It wasn't a 4x4.

So after an afternoon on the internet, he found another Econoline, this time a little taller. He snagged it. Then took the two to a friends house on Whidbey Island where they planned to perform some kind of Frankenstein procedure, removing the body from one and placing it on the frame of the other.

But alas, their experiment has yet to be completed, and the two Econolines sit on the island, eagerly awaiting their exorcism. Not one to be discouraged, however, my father spent another afternoon on the internet; a craigslist crusade that yielded yet another 4x4 van, the above Econoline. Why? Because he didn't want to wait. And because it's bad ass. Stay tuned for additional images.

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