Dogfish Head Theobroma

Our friend Joshua at the Longhouse talked us into buying a bottle of Theobroma. Brewed by the boys at Dogfish Head in Milton, Delaware, this "Ancient Ale" is based on the chemical analysis of pottery fragments found in Honduras. Brewed with cocoa powder and cocoa nibs, honey, chilies and annatto, Theobroma is a recreation of the earliest known alcoholic chocolate drink, used by the Aztecs to toast special occasions. It's light in color, malty and strong - in a weird way. I mean, with 9.0% ABV you'd expect it to be, but Theobroma has no bite. A lot like a bottle of barley wine, this beer'll grab you by the boo-boo about half an hour after you're done drinking it. I couldn't taste the cocoa, though. It was more like a not-so-light lager, with that "I've been drinking alcohol" aftertaste. It was good, but not something I'd buy again. Click here to learn more about the beer.