Tel Aviv: Take Three

There's all sorts of stuff I could say about Israel. Good stuff, I guess. I could talk about how wonderful the weather was, how the food was fantastic or how strange it was to see Muslims, Jews and Christians sharing the same space. But I'm not going to get into any of that. What I want to talk about is how much I enjoyed everything else. All of the things most people overlook in Israel - blinded by their religious requirements, their overzealous ideals. Because instead of gawking at God, we spent the better part of twelve days exploring the highly contested Holy Land. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Caesarea to the Dead Sea.

We ate at some incredible restaurants, witnessed countless weddings, dodged scooters in the streets and got good and drunk and walked all the way home. More than once... I think. We also spent a lot of time learning. Sorting through the strata; everything ancient having been torn down and rebuilt, time after time. There were also a couple of cockroaches, an endless amount of street art, a bottle of pomegranate wine, the Carmel Market and buckets of black mud. And camels. I can't forget about the camels. It was an experience unlike any other. And although the surf sorta sucked, our time in Israel, albeit short, was extraordinary.


Street Signs.

Hill Top.


Bald Spot.

Garden Greens.

Big Box.

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