Northwest Axe Company

My good friend Andy Gregory recently opened the digital doors to the Northwest Axe Company, a project he's been working on for the last few years. Originally from Chicago, Andy grew up camping and scouting in the Midwest. His desire to be outdoors took him to Durango, Colorado, before making a home for himself here in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to his interest in axes, Andy is also an avid motorcyclist, climber of rocks and author of Man's Gotta Do - a blog about, well, things a man's gotta do. When not refurbishing wood splitting whatnotery, Andy works as a substitute teacher for the Seattle Public School District. His tools are not new, they're refurbished. Born again if you will. Found in the back of a barn, or in your great uncle's garage. But after collecting, cleaning and sharpening all sorts of items (hammers, axes and hatchets), Andy attaches a custom leather sheath and then sells them on his site. And while he plans to produce new tools in the very near future, take a look at what he has to offer at the moment. I'm sure you'll find something sharp.