Tel Aviv: Take One

I'm exhausted. After 40+ hours of airports and Amsterdam, we arrived in Tel Aviv around 3am local time. Another two hours to sort out a rental car, find Kristen's new apartment, unpack and figure out what's what. We slept for eight hours. Courtney stumbled into our room the next morning, er, afternoon, curious if we were even alive. After leaving the apartment - a top floor penthouse one block from the beach - we walked maybe a mile to Hilton Beach, one of the more popular places in Tel Aviv.

The wind was on, heavy, making the surf look like soup. There were five or six people out in the water. The waves were big, relatively speaking. But blown out. It seemed like a struggle. Without any sort of interval, there was little time to position yourself properly. Moving on. We noticed another spot just a few hundred feet south of the Hilton. Protected by two break waters, one on the outside and one to the north, this spot, with its sand bottom, seemed like a more appropriate place. At least for us.

Up the hill was a small surf shop - Topsea. More like a clubhouse than a traditional surf shop, Topsea was filled with rental boards, wetsuits and an eclectic crowd. I showed them the site, as no one could understand why we'd wear 5mm wetsuits. Stoked they were. Offered us beer and seat on the bench. But with the wind still working, we decided to roll the dice and try it on Tuesday. We walked back up the beach before catching a cab to Jaffa, where we spent the rest of our afternoon. Follow the link for a few more photos.

Off the Rock.

Close & Out.

Wave Wand.

Head High Hilton.

Break Water.

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