Tel Aviv

I'll be in Israel at the end of the month. Ten days in Tel Aviv. This trip really caught me by surprise, though. Having recently returned from Mexico, I wasn't expecting any international excursions for quite some time. But when opportunity knocks, you never say no. So with just a few weeks until we head to the Holy Land, I thought I'd put together this #wishlist highlighting a few of the things I'd take to Tel Aviv.

What I'd Take to Tel Aviv:

- Almond Joy Surfboard

- Almond Joy Fin

- Almond Crewneck Sweatshirt

- Tellason 'John Graham Mellor' Jeans

- Topo Designs Dopp Kit

- Topo Designs Duffel Bag

- Top Designs Web Belt

- Patagonia Front-Zip R2 Wetsuit

- The Heart & The Sea

- Shwood 'Canby Select' Sunglasses

- Rainbow Double-Layer Sandals

- Kalashnikov

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