When times are tough, I try to form a mental image of something exciting. An escape. Envisaging if you will - "to conceive an image or a picture, especially as a future possibility." It takes the bad taste outta my mouth. Like when there aren't any waves, or when I spend too much time away from the water. But lately I haven't been able to. I close my eyes and try to imagine myself cross-stepping toward the tip, pointing my foot forward, hanging five, maybe ten. But it wasn't believable. Not because I can't cross-step, but because it's been so long since I have.

Now I'll admit, its only been two weeks since I last soaked in the sea. But honestly, the last few times have been rather bad. Windy and waveless. Not worth the wait. And closing my eyes, trying to escape all this other stuff, just wasn't working. So this weekend, as unexcited as I was, I smiled when I saw waves. And today, when I close my eyes - eager to escape this dusty desk - I can see myself standing at the furthest most point of my pig. A most excellent escape. Follow the link for a few photos.

The Lineup.


Handy Andy.


Brick and Stick.

Shoulder Check.

Karissa_Would take all these images.

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