Two Plus One

This time of year, adversely affected by the inclement conditions in which one might find themselves, it's easy to overlook some of the things that surround you while surfing. Tall green trees and snow sprinkled mountain tops. Clear blue skies, or that light layer of frost sitting atop the sand. Clouds that come and go - changing from pillow white to purple and then pink. It can be beautiful, but sometimes you can't see it. Because you're consumed. Overly interested in your wave riding experience. Disconnected with every thing else that's there. I'm just as guilty as the next guy. But I've been trying to change. So when we fled the city on Friday, I was determined to spend the weekend enjoying all that winter has to offer. And albeit cold, it was wonderful. There were waves, waist high or better, some sun, and only two other people in the water with me - one of whom was my wife. A going away gift, as I'm in New York next week.


Winter Waves.

Cheesy Poof ;)


All Right.

Blue Bungalow.

Flaccid Flag.

Jumpin' Johnny.

Wet Rack.

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